Grover is an agency management system That simplifies workflow and increases productivity for life and health insurance agencies. 


Manage your clients, process commissions and grow your business with CAS, our client acquisition system packed with over 100,000 leads.

Seamless Execution

Data Driven

Simply Intelligent

"It was between SalesForce and Grover. Choosing Grover was a No-Brainer."

- Portland, OR Based Subscriber


Task Management

Collaborate with your team and track tasks on all record levels.

Benefits/Census Tracking

Stop calling the carrier. Store benefits and census data in one spot, add dependents and make changes.

Commission Accounting

Import carrier commission statements, generate reports and track agency vs. agent splits.

Lead Generation

100K+ community farmed leads and growing. Reach out to new business and Grover tracks your progress.

Easy Imports

All kinds of imports are available from commission statements, to full group import or employee import. More to come.

Flexible Reporting

Intuitive reports designed to meet industry standards and provide you with critical cross-selling data.