Know More to Sell More

By August 19, 2020Post

Within your book of business is an abundance of growth opportunities. Knowing your customers well and keeping track of them in your agency management system, helps you offer value added products or services.

You and your team have done the hard work by taking time to get to know your clients.  In the past, you have probably met them in person.  And even though times have changed, people still like to look at your face and know you care.  Think of creative ways to continue to do this and assess their experience with you and your company. Are there any needs you can be meeting that may not have come up at a prior, less complicated time?

If they love you, it’s a great time to ask for referrals to friends or colleagues.  Are they especially fond of one of your employees?  That’s an opportunity to reward your staffer and build employee loyalty.  And don’t forget, note all of this in your awesome, easy to use agency management system that serves you now and for years to come.

And since you’ve been intentional to enter as many details about your customer into your system, you can look at competitive data that results in finding a product suited just for them.

Here are some things you can look for:

1. Employees aging into Medicare – As employees get closer to turning 65, they may be looking to explore the Medicare market.  Medicare is daunting for most people at the outset, when they are getting close to 65, they really need your help.  Your system should help you identify these people that will welcome your input.

2. Over-age dependents (OAD) – Due to the ACA, covered dependents turning 26 will be booted from their parent’s plan. Take this time to reach out, educate and help them identify the right individual policy for their needs.

3. Policy gaps – Your clients may have medical, dental, and vision, but do they have LegalShield, life policies, disability, or other policies that would be beneficial for them?

Knowing your clients and tracking their data is vital to retaining and growing your business.  This is not just information—it’s information about people, your people, and the time you’ve taken to understand their needs and concerns will pay off for both of you.